• Who you are

  • What you are all about

  • How you want to be perceived

  • How you are actually perceived by others


Image  Facts:

Your image, positive or negative communicates: 


1.  Your image must positively reflect the qualities and values you wish to sell others.

2.  Your image should emulate the brand of your business or career objective.

3.  Your best image will instill trust, respect and produce a desired competitive edge.   


4.  Your image helps to reflect a scrupulous and credible reputation that precedes and follows you in all business and social encounters.


5.  Define, refine and customize your personal image and you will look and feel fantastic resulting in a confident, positive and memorable 1st impression.

6. Sharpen your social skills so that you appear self-assured, polished and professional in the eyes of your clients, fellow co-workers, business associates and love interests.




“In five seconds your image influences the people you meet.  Your image is your reputation.  Your reputation is your future.”  

“Your image is your most valuable asset.  Your image is your identity.  A good public image makes friends, builds customer loyalty, attracts investors, motivates your staff and helps you survive difficult economic times.  A weak image is a liability that can cost you lost opportunities and can drive you out of business.  Your image is like the weather.  People notice it when it is extremely good or extremely bad”

Ref: (IICI) Image Industry Council International