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Invite your besties (men and/or women) and enjoy a customized soothing, relaxing spa experience. 

You and your invited guests will learn about their skin types  and experience the best products to use to help  manage and maintain tonal imbalances, and address skincare concerns


Your personal image expert will suggest how to begin an effective morning and night skin care routine and recommend the best high quality products we offer from our exclusive skin care brands to help keep your skin looking healthy vibrant and your complexion in tip-top shape  


As the get-together host you will receive a complimentary product as a thank you at the end of the session.

You and 2 or more guests will have fun learning how to pamper yourselves and how to manage tonal imbalances, skin dryness, and sensitivity for your face/lips, or hands/feet. 

Select your preferred spa experience and Let's Get Started!:

  1. Face & Lips

  2. Hands & Feet

Pamper Day
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