Personal Image

Development Services

Within 5 seconds of meeting someone, you make a critical first impression.  As your personal image consultant, I can help you create a winning image and make the most of your unique assets.



*Color Analysis and Customized Color Palette.    

Discover ways to mix and match colors and textures, shop more efficiently, and add spark to your existing wardrobe with your personally customized palette of 40 color swatches.  Each color is an extension of your unique color harmonies of skin, hair, and eyes that will reflect your individuality and self-confidence when coordinating your wardrobe, selecting make-up colors, and shopping activities. (For Women and Men) 

*Signia® Figure/ Body Analysis

After taking several body measurements and assessing your face shape analysis you will receive a personalized book with thorough and practical information for choosing your best clothing styles, fabric textures, prints, hair styles, eyeglasses, and accessories that will compliment your unique body type and face shape.


*Personal Style Analysis  

Look and feel confident in the clothes you wear by discovering your own unique sense of style.  Answering a series of questions will determine whether you are classic, romantic, sporty, dramatic, elegant, alluring, or eclectic.   Receive a detailed description of your personal style and a list of designers and stores that cater to it.  Learn how to dress for who you are and what you want.

*Life Style and Budget Analysis

This analysis will enable you to see how well your existing wardrobe meets your lifestyle requirements.  It will help to determine what percentage of your clothing budget should be invested in those essential requirements.


Closet Audit and Assessment   

Your closet will be inventoried assessing what clothing items are missing, repetitious, need to be replaced or added in order to develop or update your existing wardrobe.


Capsule Wardrobe Development Plan

A well-developed wardrobe is essential for today’s active and time consuming lifestyles. After your closet audit is completed you will receive suggestions on how to develop a perfect for you core wardrobe by creating multiple outfits that reflect your individuality, lifestyle and budget.



Take advantage of this special package deal and save 20% off when you purchase all services mentioned above at once. They are all vital components necessary for auditing your closet, and creating a wardrobe plan that will save you time, money and frustration when dressing and shopping.  10% off all skin care and cosmetics orders plus  questions, advice and guidelines up to three months after initial consultation.   

Best Impressions Image Development Services



Save $50.00 when you schedule an appointment for your Computer assisted, customized color analysis and color pallet.  Hurry! Offer ends December 31, 2021.


During your 2 session analysis you will discover:


-How your best colors help you look younger, healthier, and self-assured?  

-How to build a customized wardrobe saving you time, money and frustration when dressing and shopping. 

-How to select and apply make-up colors that enhance your face shape and color harmonies.


Invest in yourself and your future.  Take advantage of this special offer and feel confident that you will always look your best throughout the upcoming year.