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Instructions and tips on how to choose and apply make-up that is best for your skin tone, face shape, and life style.  Suggestions on the best skin care regimen for your skin type will also be discussed. Utilizing an effective makeup and skin-care routine will help you project your own unique style to create a higher level of confidence in your personal image.


Learn what colors and color combinations you should wear to communicate the message you would like to convey.   E.g. black signifies sophistication and authority, red signifies power, etc.   Build influence by wearing colors to meet your personal and professional objectives.  

The Skin Cycling Regimen
Keeps Your Face Healthy and Soft Everyday!


Formulated for Women and Men

Your Personal Image Development Consultant will show you how to improve your skin’s underlying health to help achieve strong, resilient, naturally glowing skin.


When skin is healthy and radiant, the color on the lips, cheeks or eyes make a bold statement. Ideal color accents on the face makes you look and feel your best!

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